with Sir Nigel Hawthorne, Gabor Vernon and Harry Tierney

'Spiderweb' (1976) was Paul Miller's graduation project from the National Film School, Beaconsfield. The script was adapted from a Jorge Luis Borges short story "Death and The Compass'.

Nigel Hawthorne, who was in 'Otherwise Engaged' at the Queen's Theatre, had not appeared in film or TV at the time and was looking for more experience of film acting. Spiderweb was filmed during the day over a three month period, ensuring that Nigel always had plenty of time to get back to Soho.

John Ratzenberger (unknown at the time, but later of Cheers) was due to play Inspector Lerman, but had to pull out the day before shooting started, causing chaos. An amateur actor, Harry Tierney, took the role at the last minute, but had to be re-voiced.
The British film director, Alex Cox, directed a feature film based on the same Borges story.

On seeing Spiderweb, he requested that it be included in the DVD release of his own version, entitled ' Death and The Compass' as an original short.

The film starred Peter Boyle and Christopher Eccleston.